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10 Best Moroccan Restaurants in U.S!

Moroccan food lovers are everywhere in the World. They are always looking for the best of the moroccan food and restaurants , let me tell you that  authentic Moroccan food and restaurants are even found in the U.S.A where delicious Tajines and Mint tea are beautifully made!

Here are 10 greatest Moroccan Restaurants in the U.S

1-  Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant in Portland , OR

2-Kasbah Moroccan Restaurant in Seattle , WA

3-Moroccan Bites Tajine in San Antonio , TX

4- Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro in San Diego , CA

5-Shokran Restaurant in Chicago, IL

6-Menara Moroccan Restaurant in San Jose , CA

7-Tajine Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills , CA

8-Koutoubia in Los Angelos , CA

9-Le Souk Restaurant in New York, NY

10- Mazagan Restaurant and Lounge in Arlington , VA

The savoury taste of Moroccan food is perfectly complemented by a couple glasses of Mint Tea.

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