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Top 5 proven weight loss tips you absolutely need to know today!

Because the weight loss industry is full of lot of myths dangerous myths,and people just like me and you, are being told to do all types of crazy things that most of them are completely wrong but over the last few years experienced resarchers have discovered a number of real strategies that can be effective for you right now!

1- Tip number one : Drink black coffee

coffee has been unfairly demonized by some very bias people and for no good reason either, because real quality organic coffee is loaded with some very powerful antioxidants and can have many amazing benefits for you too . 

2- Tip number two : cook with coconut oil

coconut oil is actually very healthy for you because it is loaded with very special fats inside of it called medium chain triglycerides which are metabolized in your body very differently than the other fats out here and these fats have been shown to boost your metabolism rate by 120 more calories per day.
It can also help you reduce your appetite as well .
So keep in mine that this is not about adding coconut oil in what you are already eating , it's about replacing your current cooking fats with coconut oil instead .

3- Tip number three: Eat more protein

Protein is the single most important nutrient you can eat when it comes to losing your unwanted weight faster , eating a hight protein diet has been shown to boost your metabolism rate by as much as 80 to 100 calories per day in most cases.

4-Tip number four: Get more sleep

getting more quality sleep is highly underestimated but researches has shown conclusively now that is may be just as important as eating healthy and excercising too . studies now show that getting bad sleep is one of the strongest causes of obesity.

5-Tip Number five: Drink green tea

Green tea as well has many amazing health benefits too one of them is weight lost.
There are many popular studies now revealing that consuming green tea can help to lose more weight musch faster starting today.

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