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Stay up all nights at the Best 5 24-Hour Restaurants in the World!

They  are so ready to give you mezcal and a live DJ, so good luck ever making it home.

How ofte do you plan to eat after midnight? It's not something most do.
No, what happens instead is that you go out late, lose countless hours and suddenly you start naming the horric things you would do for a lat-night snack.

1-The Original Pantry Cafe // Los Angeles, AC, U.S

 2-Sushi Zanmai // Tokyo, Japan.

3-Le Grand Café Capucines// Paris , France.

4- 7 West Cafe // Toronto , Canada.

5- Maxwell Street  Depot // Chicago, Illinois

 4- Veselka // New York, NY, U.S.

5- The Naam // Vancouver , Canada.

Drink and eat all day night long!

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