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Nutella is a poison disguised as a delicious sweetened hazelnut cocoa!

Nutella is considered as one of the favorites hazelnut spread in America. It is manufactured by the Ferrero company in Italy and it was introduced to the market in 1964. It is most consumed by children and parents. Eventhough it is full of dangerous GMO (genetically modified organism) and it contains some very harmful ingredients to human being health.

Here are 4 dangerous ingredients in Nutella.


Soy product in intensive culture is genetically modified. Soy lecithin causes hypothyroidism; weight gain, tiredness, early puberty and breast cancer.

Nutella contains much sugar. This sugar is refined and contains pesticides and harmful chemicals , especially a neurotoxin responsible for neuronal destruction, causing autism migraine, depression and anxiety.
3-Skimmed milk:

Unlike ads of fresh milk and cows in the meadows, the milk in Nutella is artificial and taken from cows fed on GM maize.

One of many artificial flavors used in producing Nutella. Vanillin is more neurotoxic than sugar.

Because we care about next generation health . stop poisoning yourself and your children with Nutella.

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