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It is official now, eating chocolate cake for breakfast is good for your brain and your waist

Researchers  at Syracuse University in New York have recently carried out a large-scale study of 968 people aged 23 to 98. Their dietary attitudes were not changed.

The experiment revealed that chocolate has a direct effect on our daily performance, and eating it regularly can significantly improve memory and develop our abstract thinking.
Many years ago, scientists at Tel Aviv University confessed that they consume chocolate every morning and they claimed this helped them very much in their work. In defiance of the widespread info that people should cut down on eating chocolate when they’re on a diet, it was found that it can actually help a person to lose weight!
When you wake up, your brain needs energy immediately,’ says Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, whose book The Big Breakfast Diet became a bestseller. ’The morning is the time of the day when your body changes food into energy. Later in the day, when you eat, your body and brain are still in high-alert mode, saving the energy from food as fat reserve. This is how you gain weight even when eating less.’
Chocolate should not be consumed later than 9 in the morning. According to Jakubowicz, people who eat carbohydrates, proteins, and a 600-calorie dessert lose more weight than those who eat 300 calories for breakfast at a later time in the day.
So what make chocolate  such a positive nutrient? Experts say it’s a nutrient called flavonoid that’s commonly found in plant-based foods and represents up to 20% of the compounds present in cocoa beans. High levels of flavonoids are also found in fruits such as grapes and apples, tea , red wine.

So the next time  while you are thinking whether to treat yourself to some chocolate or not, dare to include it in your breakfast. Your brain, and even your waist, will say thank you!
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