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7 Delicicous Snacks you can only get in Europe

If you are an american traveller or an african student in
Europe it is possible you have been lucky enough to try on
of these incredibly treats!

Almost like a tiny cake canele are incredible French pastries that have crisp exterior and very soft, doughy almost custar

All the refreshing flavor of 7UP with kick of mint? yes, please! and why is not available in the states yet.

In other european countries, of course, there are different meaty flavors that take the topp spot in peoples'heart. In spain, aged iberico and serrano hams are big deal, made and sold nearly averywhere across the country.

Almonds Croissant:
You can get a pastry calling itself a croissant almost anywhere , but if you have never had a crispy, chewy , almond-infused croissant in France, you are seriously missing out.

Dirt Cheap and (delicious) cheese and bread

And it seems that people can't get enough of that delicious ham flavor, because chips inspired by these Spanish delicacies are everywhere too.

        Crazy potato chips flavors are nothing new, but roast chicken-flavored potato chips are not just a quirky marketing ploy or limited-edition experiment in France . Roast chicken is actually a pretty popular flavor, judging by its wide availability.

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